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Know and achieve your culture

Know and achieve your culture

Know and achieve your culture


We administer the most widely used and thoroughly researched tool for measuring organisational culture. 

The tool provides an assessment of the operating culture in terms of the behaviours that members believe are required to “fit in and meet expectations” within their organisations or teams. 

It is administered on an individual basis. Results reveal the shared behavioural expectations that operate within the organisation and can be used to define the culture that will maximise performance and long-term effectiveness for the person and team.

Climate and performance

Know and achieve your culture

Know and achieve your culture


More than two thirds of overall performance is achieved through climate and it is the single biggest factor in driving performance. We provide business owners, leaders or team managers with the tools to measure and effectively manage climate.

Our tools provide an actionable, impactful, and research-based alternative to employee attitude and opinion surveys, linking climate and culture in terms of:

1) What people experience and perceive as members of the organisation

2) The impact this has on what they believe is expected from them

Assessing the most important internal factors and conditions likely to impact organisational performance and sustainability.                                                                                                     

Leadership development

Know and achieve your culture

Leadership development


Focusing on leadership strategies or general methods that leaders use to move the organisation and its members forward to set goals and objectives and the impact that they have on the people around them. Thus, it is most appropriate for middle to higher-level managers, executives, and others in leadership positions. We provided detailed data regarding their:

1) Effectiveness along personal and organisational leadership criteria;

2) Impact on others, in terms of the extent to which they motivate people to behave; and

3) Leadership Strategies, in terms of the frequency which they act in Prescriptive versus Restrictive ways

Management Impact

Evidence based coaching

Leadership development


Our tool focuses on the ways in which managers approach more tactical, day-to-day management responsibilities and the impact they have on the people around them. This tool is appropriate for managers at all levels, and particularly for those who are responsible for executing the organisation's agenda through organising, motivating, and guiding the efforts of other people. The data gives managers an opportunity to learn about their:

1) Management Effectiveness along task, people, and personal criteria

2) Impact on others, in terms of the extent to which they motivate and drive the people around them; and

3) Management Approaches, in terms of the frequency with which they carry out their responsibilities in Facilitating versus Inhibiting ways.

High performing teams

Evidence based coaching

Evidence based coaching


Using a simulation exercise set in an unfamiliar location and/or unusual circumstances, this simulation take participants outside of their organisational roles and areas of expertise to a situation where only their synergistic problem-solving skills will help them to survive. This will highlight general problem-solving processes and skills whilst be encouraged to think differently. Our tool allows us to reinforce team-building efforts, promote constructive decision making, improve the quality of the team decisions and increase members' satisfaction and integrate team development with individual, leadership, and organisational development.

Evidence based coaching

Evidence based coaching

Evidence based coaching


People operate on average 20-30% below their potential - Coaching allows them to exploit the rest. As an experienced coach we accelarate your performance, confidence and fast track your achievements.

An assignment is typically spread over 6 sessions and includes either an assessment, based on self description, on the correlation between your thinking and behavior or a detailed 360 feedback.

Prior to commencing we offer a free chemistry session allowing you to make the right choice coach.

About Us


Our Experience

Our Experience

Our Experience

Over 20 years global experience in providing consultancy in Leadership & Organisational Development. Develop and  implement strategic plans that drive organisational effectiveness, successfully implementing change programmes through assessing organisations, divisions, teams or individuals.

Accredited member of the Human Synergistics Global Change Circle.

Accredited Performance Climate System practitioner.

Co-Active certified coach (ACTP)


Our Approach

Our Experience

Our Experience

Our evidence based approach means that we generate data before and after each assignment. We measure your culture, climate, impact or teams prior to commence. The detailed reports highlight areas for improvement with immediate impact and allow us to recommend following steps to be taken to reach your full potential.


Why Us?

Our Experience

Why Us?

Do you want to?

- Improve performance

- Develop careers (promotion)

- Change mindset

- Improve work life balance

- Reduce staff turnover (decrease acquisition costs)

- Increase customer service & satisfaction

- And so much more

What our clients say


“Having had taster sessions with four different business coaches, I chose Nick and had an initial coaching session with him in March. It was Nick's more focused and tailored approach which led me to believe coaching with him would be of the most long term benefit.

Using the he LSI indicator results, Nick immediately focused on areas I needed to develop, leading to effective and constructive sessions from the start. Following monthly sessions built on the initial session, developing my confidence and effectiveness.

Coaching with Nick has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my work, in particular aiding in my promotion in September.”

"LeadersRock is one of the most professional and immaculate consultancies I have come across. Any individual or company would definitely feel the worth in terms of time and money dealing with such a consultancy. "

”We have used the consting services within our organisation for a number of years and found them to be most professional and capable. They provide an excellent consultancy service. We will continue to use them again in the future.”


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